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Regardless of color or breed, size or pedigree, pets become family. When they pass on, the loss is great and the grief is real. Memorializing your pet in stone is the best way to keep that memory alive. We can help you do this in our beautiful lines of pet cremation urns, pet markers and pet memorials.

6x6 African Mahogany Pet Cremation Urn 5x7 Walnut Urn 6x6 Alder Urn

Cremation is becoming the increasingly preferred choice for final arrangements, allowing you to bring your pet home. You can celebrate the the life of your cremated pet with a pet urn inset with China Black Marble containing your pet's name and/or any other text you would like, such as dates, nicknames or even a personal note.

6x6 African Mahogany Pet Cremation Urn 5x7 Walnut Urn 6x6 Alder Urn

Should you choose a standard pet burial then Laser Works can provide a beautiful China Black Granite pet marker to mark the grave.

6x6 African Mahogany Pet Cremation Urn 5x7 Walnut Urn


At Laser Works of Alabama we produce high resolution engravings of your pets image, along with your personalized text into China Black Marble and China Black Granite. Using this technique, we create one-of-a-kind pet cremation urns, pet grave markers, and pet memorials that can be found nowhere else.
Laser Works of Alabama has created beautiful Pet Cremation Urns for the cremation remains of your pet. A photo of your pet is laser engraved into China Black Marble, which forms the top of your Custom Pet Urn and includes your pet's name, dates and your own personal thoughts. This Pet Memorial is then inset into the top of a beautifully hand crafted Wooden Pet Memorial Urn , creating a permanant memorial and a final resting place for the pet you love. We hope to make the grieving process easier by giving you something unique. Our Custom Pet Cremation Urns, Custom Pet Grave Markers and Custom Pet Memorials will always be a beautiful reminder of your special friend.